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Great Pasta

The best Italian pastas, ranging from your traditional Spaghetti to delicious Penne & Cavatelli

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Fresh Salads

Enjoy a fresh tasty salad created fresh every evening at Trattoria Gusto

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Reserve Now

Feel free to make an reservations online, or call us and book a table!

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Traditional. Rustic. Plentiful. Fresh. Trattoria Gusto – A flavour experience of old world Italian cooking.

Gusto New Location

Come and experience classic Italian food at its’ best!

Let Nicola and his son, Massimo, introduce you to their family’s recipes, passed down from generations of Abruzzese cooks. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll delve into a fascinating journey of culinary exploration.

Come for supper and be Italian for day!…..And don’t forget to bring your own wine!

Buon Appetito!

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7 / 24 /201107:19 PM
Bring your own wine!

Here at Trattoria Gusto we pride ourselves on putting on customers

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7 / 24 /201107:17 PM
Welcome to TrattoriaGusto.net!

Welcome to the all new domain for Trattoria Gusto, located in

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